In out of this world locale, our housing complex evokes a passion for living and reliving life to its fullest. One such abode of eternal bliss is the name of the housing complex on the folds of sahyadri, enveloped by lush greenery, sprawling mountains and never ending natural panorama. The complex houses four pocket-friendly residential plans. Choice is yours. But rest assured that you'll be living a 'Natural' life.

With us you can expect the unexpected! A breath of fresh air. A piece of blue sky. A stretch of green belt and a sight of Majestic Sahyadri.

In the morning you will be waking up to the chirping of birds. Take a deep breath. You will experience the pure thrill of filling your lungs with pure fresh oxygen. Forget about pollution, the stink and the dust. Converse with the flower buds swaying in a gentle breeze. Really out of the world without sacrificing anything worldly.



A place to relax, to unwind, and to soothe your tightened nerves, after a week's excruciating business entanglement.

Take your family out of the concrete jungle. Show your children what life is worth on this earth. Besides the hubble and bubble of the city life. Forget about the balance sheet and deadlines. A week-end at this week-end cottage will recharge and replenish you with energy that will tick you undergo the tensions of your work for weeks to come.

Simplicity is the hall mark! Big hall to have a chitchat, broad Veranda to have fresh air and a small standing kitchen for a week - end cooking. All filled with standard amenities. An accommodation to accommodate the whole family with an area of 500 sq. ft.

It Budget around Rs. 4 – 5 Lakhs for a Construction only.


Specially designed for a nuclear family! Couplet is self contained with a hall of area about 180 Sq.ft. and a kitchen top that is granite paved. Concealed wiring and plumbing add to its sleek and classic looks. This could be the pride possession of the discerning modern citizens of Mumbai.

A cosy and comfy apartment with a view of breath-taking landscape. At the same time providing the exclusive privacy, a couple is liking for with a nicely located bedroom. Well laid out without wasting an inch this couplet offers all the comforts of exquisite living.

It Budget around Rs. 7 – 8 Lakhs for a Construction only.


This will remind you of a novel house, a chateau, or a bungalow. Live in the lap of luxury. Spaciously planned, conveniently designed, comfortably constructed, this family villa raises your social status, leaving your friends a gaped and wonder stricken!

Two bed room hall kitchen, Hall and kitchen on ground floor, Two bed rooms on the first floor, Stilt for car parking, space for kitchen garden at the backyard. All amenities typical to a bungalow. If you are attuned to the lifestyle of an upwardly mobile entrepreneur, you just cannot miss this opportunity.

It Budget around Rs. 15 – 18 Lakhs for a Construction only.


As the name suggests it is your dream itself! Palatial house with large size drawing room, kitchen, w.c. bath and bedrooms. One for your friend and one for you, all endowed with handpicked and the most sophisticated amenities, premium flooring, high quality fixtures & fittings, along with a confluence of air, light and space. All these in an area ranging from 1000sq. ft. to 1700 sq. ft. it's a palatial house with a controlled budget.

Those who are really interested and keen to own bungalows should meet us with prior appointment at the earliest as our service will be purely on first come first serve basis. To facilitate your choice, we have maintained a multi-colour album of bungalow elevations, plans and perspective of all the above mentioned schemes.

It Budget around Rs. 20 Lakhs for a Construction only.



Your home is built upon a land with clear title and free from the chemical zone. Sleep like a child, free from legal entanglements and threats of evacuation. We have already cleared all the legal and infrastructure formalities like development of land, permission of nonagricultural activity, etc. The construction work is in full swing. Timely possession assured. We know you all are perked up and cannot visit to know more about this weekend home. What you have to do is to visit our Mumbai office to have a close look at quarters.


Consider the cost of match box type flat in Mumbai. Think about a palatial residence amidst natural set up at the same price. Overlooking the river your residence is an abode in heaven. In short, that’s more for less.


Look at it as an investment. In Mumbai , real estate price is let alone appreciating. On the contrary Malavali is attraction of more affluent people , taking the real estate prices sky high! A Development soon, touching the complex, would multiply money heavily”.


Chemicals, auto emissions, smoke dust, garbage You add them up. You get Mumbai, an embodiment pollution . The result, you end up paying hefty sums to doctors.

Now consider this .A place where the air is fresh, invigorating & germfree. Virgin land. Effluent – free river and far from pollution. Really a healthy place to lead your precious life . That’s Malavali.


Chemicals, auto emissions, smoke dust, garbage You add them up. You get Mumbai, an embodiment pollution . The result, you end up paying hefty sums to doctors.

Now consider this .A place where the air is fresh, invigorating & germfree. Virgin land. Effluent – free river and far from pollution. Really a healthy place to lead your precious life . That’s Malavali.


In Mumbai one cannot choose one’s neighbors. Here you will be hobnobbing with cream of the social Educated, Cultured, Famous and Elite People from the upper strata of the society, Executives of multinational personalities from the goes the realm of actors, films and science . Apparently a peace –loving bunch of neighborhoods.


Pranjal Park has carved a formidable niche for itself, as itself as a trend setter in modern & futuristic architectul in the new generation of metropolis of Mumbai. Conceived, planned and executed by a handpicked team world renowned consultants who have added their own touch of distinct class to make this project unforgettable landmark in the history of time. It stands testimony to the group‘s passion for excellence and refined thinking that goes behind every project the group lends it name to.


To make sure, that a project of this dimension and vision is not totally beyond means, we have proved for an exclusive home finance scheme in association with the reputed financial institutions like SBI, BOI, Union Bank, HDFC, LIC etc.

We believe, the best things in life deserve to be made more accessible to those who truly cherish them.


Situated at Malavali you are far from the negative aspects of the city yet close to all the positive side of the city. Proximity to railway and road terminals takes fatigue out of your journey to your “WEEKEND PLACE”. Well developed community facilities and back – up are other main attractions.

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