Open your mind to the nature. Feast your eyes with lush green scenery. Strike a conversation with silence. Take break from the jet set routine and live in peace in unison with nature.

The flora & Fauna of Vibha Darshan & Sneha Shrusti

         Nestled in the laps of sahyadri, the site offers a five star treat to your body and soul. Fresh air, virgin land, lush greenery, open space, whispering brooks…. All under the star and moon studded canopy of blue sky.

         What a relief and invigorating experience. Relax or retire where the present is truly past and the past is very much present.

         Parrots, squirrels, fish, cuckoos… what a company to live in! Stand and stare at a budding rose, pluck a cucumber and savour the succulent fresh fruit if you wish. Have you ever thought this is possible in the vicinity of the commercial center of the nation?

         Yes it is, and it's up to you.

         In monsoon watch the dark clouds thickening around the mountain peaks. In winter the same mountains veiled in now white mist gives t treat to your eyes.

         In monsoon watch the dark clouds thickening around the mountain peaks. In winter the same mountains veiled in snow white mist gives a treat to your eyes.

         In summer punctuated with flower buds these mountains will beckon you with breeze in their hearts. All in all, 365 days of the year you are in a heavenly world of your own.

         If you find the Geography interesting the statistics will enthrall you let some figures speak for themselves.

         Imagine 4,000 Sq. ft. of fully developed plot with electricity and water connection at your disposal. You can literally live in a world of your own.

         Do you want to live in a mangrove? Or is it cashew that attracts you? The choice is yours.

        Surrounded by a fence of Henna fedge you breath the best air with medicinal value.

         A cultivated lawn that invites you to do some summer-saults on it. And ride to the threshold of your plot smoothly and comfortably. Out of the world but well connected to it with ISD/STD/PCO nearby.

         A market it a walkable distance and temple to find solace in the hands of Almighty.

        Nearby a holiday resort that's inviting, exiting and exhilarating.
Vibha Darshan Sneha Shrusti
         Vibha Darshan, the name derived from Visapur fort and Bhaje caves, creates, love and peace, i.e. (Sneha Srushti).

         Malavali near lonavala, where Sahyadri is at its best, get accustomed to a different style of living. Well developed Plots pregnant with Mango, Coconuts and Cashew nut trees are for sale, for a song.

         Cut off from the city crowd yet conveniently located - Vibha Darshan is just few minutes from Malavali Railway Station - along the Railway line up to the Indrayani river and Sneha Shrusti a leap distance away from highway to the right hand side after crossing the railway over the bridge before Kamshet, which is situated in between the hill and the river.

         The Siamese holiday twins Lonavala and Khandala is just a stone's throw away.

         For the history enthusiasts it is only a hop step and jump to Karla Caves - a fantastic specimen of Buddhist era.

         And the peace lovers will enjoy the tranquility of the Vibha Darshan only five minutes drive from Bombay-Pune Road.

In tandem with the Government's Policy of forestry and orchadeous development the scheme has been masterminded to transform the arren and barren land into a green valley. As a result the scheme is estowed with different kinds of grants and concessions which we willingly part to our patrons. By owning a plot you will stop brooding how green was my valley. Equipped with all amenities and modern life facilities it's a piece of heaven of your own. And tell to the world that you have arrived.


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